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Salvation Army joins Grief to Gratitude for "Candles for Mom" pre -Mother's Day grief event.

Updated: May 12

Meridian MS - Lieutenant Roy Fisher and The Salvation Army will be hosting a “Candles for Mom” pre-Mother’s Day Grief event this Saturday.

"It’s a time for people to come who have lost their mothers due to death, or maybe their mother is going through Dementia or Alzheimer’s and at that point, you know it’s only a matter of time." says Lieutenant Fisher.

So, what all will take place during this event? "It’s time to come in, light a candle, pray, and there’s going to be a three-to-five-minute little presentation about what it’s about, and then soft music will be played for the rest of the time."

This free come and go event is the first of its kind to be hosted by the from grief to gratitude organization. "It was so important to do because, you know, holidays are hard in grief, especially when you lose a mother, that makes it harder."

Now just because this is a grief event, does not make it a sad event. "It’s just a time to come together and celebrate the life of our mothers."

Lieutenant fisher says he wants this event to be something that people who are dealing or have dealt with grief can come open up and hopefully feel better.

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