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  • Keaundria Milloy

Second Spike of COVID-19 Cases in Mississippi

As of Wednesday, the number of new COVID-19 cases jumped to 489 cases, which is the largest new case number seen since last week. Governor Tate Reeves took to social media stating his concern with these increased numbers.

In a post he made, he expresses he’s concerned that people are losing interest in the effort to keep each other safe. After the governor’s post, the Mississippi Department of Health released an additional 23 new deaths in the state.

These new numbers bring the state to a total of 20,641 cases and 938 deaths.

With the constant rise of cases, Dr. Dobbs encourages everyone to continue safety measures.

“Take these simple steps in order to prevent the coronavirus. All we have to do is practice the simple things like social distancing-staying six feet away from each other when you’re out and about. Wear a mask when you’re in public or when you’re at work and when you can’t properly social distance, use normal hand hygiene.”

He is also concerned with the mass amount of gatherings that’s happening, causing these huge jumps in cases.

“When you get a big group of people together like that, there’s a real common likelihood people are going to transmit the disease to someone else.”

To stay updated on all new COVID-19 case numbers, visit MSDH.MS.GOV. 

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