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  • Keaundria Milloy

Shelters provide essential care during freezing weather

Any temperature reaching below 40 degrees, the Salvation Army makes it a mission to serve those in need. Lieutenant Tamara Robb says space is still available at any time and hot meals are served.

“We and Multi County both still have space available. Last night we had 14 people stay with us. We have 26 beds and then we have an additional 12 cots," said Lt. Robb. "We’re still able to handle quite a few people.”

The shelter is not only for the homeless, but those who may not have power. Robb says the shelter continues to follow safety protocols due to COVID-19 including wearing a mask.

“We maintain six foot distance between each other," said Lt. Robb. "They sleep head to foot if they are any space near to each other. We have disinfectant spray so we’re disinfecting surfaces.”

The Frances W. Davidson Shelter also has space available for any residents in need. In the midst of freezing weather, the shelter was able to help two individuals who were stranded in Meridian trying to get to their next destination.

“We actually picked them up from the amtrak station and gave them a place to stay overnight and then amtrak was able to carry them on to their destination yesterday," said Executive Director of Multi County Ronald Collier. "It's important to have this center here because if it's one or one-hundred people who need help, people need it."

One resident says she’s grateful the Frances W. Davidson Shelter is a place she can turn to in any given situation.

“This place is great," said Lorene Smith. "They give you a roof over your head, a nice warm bed to sleep in and we’ve had food to eat and hot showers and everything’s been great.”

The Salvation Army is located at 710 B Street in Meridian. To make a donation or access service, call the Salvation Army at 601-483-9570. The Frances W. Davidson Shelter can be reached at 601-483-4838.

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