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Singer NOIVAS talks about ties to Meridian, and experience on NBC's The Voice.

Meridian, MS - “I really got my soul from the great state of Mississippi.” says Savion wright, better known by his stage name “NOIVAS” (noy-va).

The Singer has toured across the U.S. many times and is originally from Texas, but he also has ties to Mississippi, and the meridian area. “I pretty much grew up in Mississippi. You know, as a child, I always visited and pretty much every summer, I spent over a month every summer in Mississippi, you know, in the hickory meridian area, back on the farm area that my grandfather raised, you know, my father, and all 14 of his kids on.”

He shared how talking to his wife and becoming a parent inspired his decision to audition for NBC’s The Voice. “It wasn't until I talked to my wife. I just asked her. I was like, Do you think I can do this? You know, should I even do this at all? And, you know, she gave me the best advice that I needed. And she said, you know what? What's the worst that can happen?”

“NOIVAS” also shared the feeling of being on a six-year hiatus from music, to now having all four coach chairs turn for him on the voice. “So, you can kind of see my thought process a little bit in the performance. I didn't, you know, I wasn't going out there to say, you know what, I’m going to get a 4-chair turn. It was more I want to make them feel something. And let's see what happens when I make that feel it.”

Fans cannot wait to see what else NOIVAS has in store this season.

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