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Students in Meridian Put Their Thinking Skills to Test Today.

Meridian, MS - How smart do you think you are? Junior high students got the chance to find out during meridian community college’s district level mathematics competition.

“This math competition is usually held annually. However, since covid of march of 2020, we have not been able to have this competition.” Says Math Instructor Crystal Sterling.

She also explained how the winners are chosen. "Winners are chosen based off a multiple choice. They are given a 30-question multiple choice test and the highest two seventh and eighth graders are picked based off the high percentages of the test."

After the test was completed, we spoke with two students about how hard was the test.

"Some of the questions had a lot of different things that you had to put together. Like there were a lot of different letters. When it's harder to combine the letters, you can't combine if there's multiple letters and there's only one here and two there." says Alissa Hull.

"It wasn't necessarily difficult, but the last question started to get me." says Dylan Null.

Testing is a great way of helping to mold and shape the minds of today’s youth.

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