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Students in Meridian remember 9/11 on 22 Anniversary.

Meridian, MS - As many people remember the 9/11 attack on today, students at Northeast Lauderdale High School are learning about that fateful day and keeping the memory alive.

“We felt like it’s important for them to understand that conflicts like this don’t happen overnight.” says Chad West

“A lot of what we’re doing now is watching a collaborative film, about 30 mins from the 9/11 museum and memorial, and they’re looking at what we’re going to do now, how are we going to remember and learn from it.” says Ashley Brown.

ROTC Commander Chad West and ­­­Spanish Teacher Ashley Brown recall their memories of the impactful day. “Seeing the attacks, watched it on television, thinking the first plane, like wow this is a terrible accident, I remember watching it when the second plane hit, you know at that point we knew that this was an attack and it was deliberate, so it was a pretty somber day for sure." says West.

“I remember having an exam that day and before we took the exam the professor told us, “We’re under attack,” but we still had the exam.” says Brown.

Students Landon Kitchen and Zachary Boyd feel it’s important to never forget the history. “These people were regular people that went to work or just went out to do something, and out of nowhere they just loss their lives.” says kitchen. “To know that they fought to try to take back the plane and save more lives, they did a very brave thing, and it saved many lives." says Boyd.

Teachers as well as faculty at Northeast Lauderdale say it’s important to teach students who may not know so that they will never forget that part of history.

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