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Summer Car Safety for buying a new car or preparing for travel.

Meridian, MS - For people looking to buy new vehicles this summer season, Travis Haygood of Kia in Meridian offers this advice. “If you see something on the lot you like, you better get it that day because they don’t last long.”

When asked about the demand for newer vehicles, the Kia sales manager compared the demand now to before the pandemic. “It’s still high, people are still shopping and buying, and new cars aren’t really coming out like they were before the pandemic, but they are coming out more than they were after the pandemic.”

Speaking of new vehicles, for some people, the start of the summer season could mean road trips, or vacations. Whether in a newer or older car, Autoport owner Roger Shirley says to check your car before travel. “Anything that would curtail getting into weather as far the heat and any kind of rain.”

So, what specific things should you check? “Make sure your air in your tires is up, make sure your oil is full, make sure your antifreeze if full, check belts, hoses, and anything. If there’s a water leak get it fixed before you get on the road. Cause if you don’t, you’re going to have trouble down the road.”

“Companies such as Kia in Meridian and Autoport say that when you are travelling on the road this summer, you need to be sure that you have done the maintenance and taken care of your vehicles.

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