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Take your kids to try the Great Turkey Escape Room.

Meridian, MS - With kids out of school for Thanksgiving break, the Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Library has created a festive and educational way for them to spend their time.

The Great Turkey Escape Room is free and open to the public this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The Library’s Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Jolly, explains exactly what the kids will be trying to accomplish while inside the room.

“So, Mr. Turkey is trapped in the house. He is trying to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving and make it back to the farm. So, we have some clues and riddles for him to escape the house, and to get him back to the farm.”

When the kids get inside the room, Ms Jolly sets a timer and gives them their first clue.

The escape room wasn’t only for the kids to have something fun to do but it also benefits young children.

“It helps them with reading and problem solving, and it also gives them a chance to get out of the house for the holidays and just do something in the community.”

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