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  • Keaundria Milloy

Teachers to receive pay raise after Governor Reeves veto is overrode

Earlier this year, teachers were denied additional pay due to budget concerns. On Monday, the Mississippi Legislature overrode Governor Tate Reeves veto. This ensures teachers additional pay will no longer be cut for this year.

With this override in place, teachers are excited to see the pay they deserve.

“I’m so excited, we worked really really hard to earn that money and just so excited they passed it and that were going to be able to get it,” says 6th grade teacher Shea Brown. “It’s a nice little bonus for all the hard work we’ve done.”

With this raise, teachers are able to purchase supplies they need for their students.

“We use it for classroom supplies and we get it right at Christmas so anything that we have struggled with getting up to that point, we can usually use it for that,” explains Brown.

“A lot of teachers and myself included-we spend a lot of our own personal money on our classrooms and so this is just a nice way to kind of put that back,” says 4th grade teacher Tamra Mills.

With the impact of COVID-19, they are pleased with the way schools have turned around to reopen for students.

“I know the faculty here at Newton County Elementary-we all came together as a faculty and worked as a team to get school started and we had a great, smooth transition to the new school year so it’s important that all teachers get recognized,” says Mills.