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The fate of the Historic E.F. Young Hotel

The Historic E.F. Young Hotel has been brought up in many work session meetings for quite some time. Today’s meeting was to discuss the official final decision on the hotel's fate.

"We learned that basically the platform keeping it all on the same platform of the rules as well as the e.f young hotel. And we decided to take both of their opinions and their thoughts and everything they want to bring to the table and make sure that we have a fair among the city, among the citizens, as well as the business owner," stated Councilwoman, Ty Bell Lindsey.

The City Council listened to both building owners discuss their concerns and what the next steps were in the process.

"I think the meeting went well, as expected in trying to move forward with the downtown structures. We've just made a move to try to reach some goals," said Eric Young.

The Young Family made the decision to demolish the building back in August after having an engineer inspect the building but still can’t move forward as of yet.

"We're at a sticking point with the adjacent property that cannot stand without the police station or the hotel and that's how we got to where we are now, said Young.

Young said hopefully things will get a move on in a few months and Copeland, the business owner of The Ruins wants to secure his building by bringing it up to code

"I'm hoping within the next couple of months it's going to take a few months, to give the property owner an opportunity to secure his building. And if he can't secure his building and bring it up to code, then it will probably come down with ours," stated Young.

Young stated that anything of historical value was removed from the hotel and hopes in the near future will be able to be put on display.

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