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  • Celeste Smith

The Pearl River Resort continues to remain open during the holiday season

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

In Neshoba County, the Pearl River Resort continues to service guests at its hotels and casinos during the holiday season. The resort officially reopened its casinos doors in August, after being closed since February due to COVID-19.

The resort's Director of Gaming, Neal Atkinson, shared that the holiday season is usually a busy time of year for the resort, but this year, due to the pandemic, the Pearl River Resort doesn’t expect to see as many guests from out of town as they usually would during the holidays. “Holidays is usually a very, very, busy season for us, but this year it’s a little bit different. People are not travelling as much, but what we are seeing is a lot more visits from our local clientele that are coming more frequently for day trips to the resort and we need to service those needs for those guests also,” said Neal Atkinson, Director of Gaming at Pearl River Resort.

Atkinson also said that as they remain open, the casinos have added additional protocols for games being played to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 .

“With the COVID-19 protocols, we have reduced capacity in order to facilitate social distancing guidelines, and as a result of that is, -- that with fewer people allowed on each table, we need more tables open. In order to have more tables, we need more dealers, and that’s why we’re getting ready to offer another one of our dealer training schools, beginning January 11,” said Atkinson.

In addition, the Pearl River Resort announced that it plans to open a new restaurant,"Mama 'n' Em", following the holidays, in January.

“We understand our folks are missing our buffet right now, so we decided to open up a new outlet to make more options. So, food items that we’ll be looking at are great fried chicken, collard greens, great deviled eggs, a really fun kind of atmosphere we plan to create in there,” said CJ Hencyk, Senior Director of Food and Beverage and Sales At Pearl River Resort.

All of the Pearl River Resort’s Casinos will maintain their 24 hours of operations during the holiday season.

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