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  • Celeste Smith

The Quitman School District emphasizes the importance of the proper use of masks to students

In Clarke County, the nurses in the Quitman School District are providing parents, students, and staff with update information on ways to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Panther community.

Dr. Toriano Holloway, superintendent with the Quitman School District shared that the districts nurses have been stressing the importance of mask wearing amongst students, since their initial return to on campus learning, and that the district's recent release of an article on its website titled, “wear your mask, wash your mask, need a mask? ask?”, featuring advised guidance from one of the district nurses, was to emphasize the significance of proper PPE care among students.

The nurses are at the centerpiece of every decision that happens within our district, regarding COVID, they’re very, very, important. We actually hired an extra nurse for this school year to deal with situation, the nurses drive a lot of the decisions and the information that’s put out in regards to how we handle masks, how we handle handwashing, -- the proper way to handwash, they play a pivotal role in our safety precautions and our protocols,” said Dr. Holloway.

Dr. Holloway also said that he believes the publicized additional guidance from school nurses has further helped the district in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

“We put pretty strict protocols in place and we bought every kid four masks, and we believe that its held us negate transmission on our campuses. Our kids have done a great job and our teachers, of wearing masks and keeping each other accountable, but we thought it was very important for us to have as normal of a school year as possible, bring back as many kids as we could that we do these things like buy masks and enforce those protocols,” said Dr. Holloway.

Parents who have questions regarding the Quitman School District’s preventative measures enforced to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at its schools, are able to contact their child’s school nurse for additional information.

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