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  • Celeste Smith

The Quitman School District to kick off its annual Community Book Read event Jan.11

Updated: Jan 11

The Quitman School District is preparing to kick off its 2-week long annual Community Book Read event, that students and community members will be able to participate in.

From January 11- January 22, all schools in the Quitman School District will begin activities centered around the reading of the book “The Coffee Bean” By Jon Gordon and Damon West . 3rd grade teacher, Shelby Avera, who is a member of the district's Community Book Read Committee, shared that this is major annual event for the district.

“It’s a program where the district chooses a book and we distribute it to our students, teachers, and our community members and we all read it together. We really focus on promoting literacy and leadership. We really believe that readers are leaders here at QSD. So, we distribute the books and we host events that bring in community members in a normal year, -- but this is a COVID year, so it will be a little bit different,” said Shelby Avera.

Although community members won’t be able to attend many of the districts events for its annual community book read due to COVID-19 concerns, there will be an opportunity for them to attend QSD’s community book read showcase on January 25, which will wrap up the multiday event.

“We are going to have a very huge event where one of the authors of our book ‘The Coffee Bean’, Damon West, is actually coming to our school, -- to the high school auditorium, and he’ll be speaking to the students and they’ll get to have their books signed and some community members will also be able to hear him speak as well,” said Avera. The Quitman School District will be posting additional information regarding its 2-week long community book read event on its social media pages.

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