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The Salvation Army has Major Changes underway for the 2023 year

As we soon wrap up the 2022 year and look ahead to what is to come in the new year. The Salvation announced some major changes that will be soon taking place.

"We're really excited about everything that's going to come down the line instead of doing our drive-thru like we've been doing for it since, before covid hit, we're actually going to have the people are going to be coming in," said Lt.Roy Fisher.

Fisher said that with the change, you soon will have to make an appointment for the foodbank rather than going to the drive-thru and says he hopes the new way gives them a sense of normalcy.

Fisher said," I want to bring people's dignity back. And it gives them that chance to be able to get the food that they're going to use and not just the random of what we give them, because who knows, they may not eat certain things. We give them meat. They may not eat that particular type of meat. So we want to make sure that they're getting the things that they will use for their families."

As a way to give people a sense of independence over the grocery they are given, fisher says they will soon turn their food pantry into a marketplace.

"They will meet with us face to face. And once they're processed and once the new food pantry is set up, because we're going to do a food pantry marketplace eventually, and it's going to be a point to where they will actually go shopping for the items that they will use instead of us just handing it to them off of the dock in a box and not knowing who they are," he stated.

The first phase Fisher stated is getting the pantry stocked with food and people will have to make appointments as early as next week.

"We'll be doing that on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm will be the appointment times," explained Fisher.

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