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  • Celeste Smith

The Salvation Army in Meridian anticipates an uptick in clients during fall and winter months

As we head into the cooler months, The Salvation Army in Meridian anticipates more local residents seeking assistance from their services.

The Salvation Army of Meridian has continued to provide its services despite challenges presented by the pandemic, but now the organization is entering some of its most hectic months, where it believes some of its services will be sought out by more members of the community, who may have been impacted by the pandemic.

Lt. Tamara Robb, with The Salvation Army, shared that the organization anticipates more people staying at its shelter, saying that although the threat of COVID-19 is still present, they are prepared to continue this service.

“We’ve already has systems in place, and policies in place as far as protection our residents of our shelter, and those are still in place and we will continue with those requirements, as far as wearing masks and social distancing. We do anticipate an uptake in the number of people staying with us,” said Lt. Tamara Robb.

Lt. Robb also shared that the organization believes more local residents will be seeking their services for Christmas as well. The Salvation Army has already begun to schedule appointments for their annual Angel Tree Program, where a child is registered as an angel to receive a christmas gift from a member of the community that adopts their angels Christmas list from an angel tree.

“We know that already our angel tree numbers will probably double as far as the number of people who will need assistance during Christmas. We anticipate that we will have more angels than before. Walmart has agreed to put angel trees in their stores, and so we appreciated that partnership, and that hopefully more people will adopt angels, and we’ll also have them at citizens national bank, and at the mall,” said Robb.

The Salvation Army is continuing to schedule appointments for residents interested in registering a child to be an angel for the Angel Tree Program this Christmas. Those who are interested can schedule an appointment by contacting The Salvation Army’s office located on 6th Avenue.