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  • Celeste Smith

Tips on how to avoid online holiday shopping scams

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

With more people shopping online for the holiday season, opting out of shopping in stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online shoppers have to be weary of the online shopping scams.

More stores have begun to offer online-only holiday shopping deals during the pandemic, leading more shoppers to lean on online retail for holiday purchases.

This month, the Better Business Bureau released tips on how you can avoid online shopping scams during the holidays. Advising shoppers, to research the company you plan to purchase from thoroughly, avoid impulse buying, saying that scammers like to draw people in with “flash sales” and “limited time offers”, and don’t believe prices that are too good to be true, because you could end up spending money on a defective or counterfeit product, or end up with no product at all.

Two local Meridian shoppers shared that although they have never been a victim to a holiday scam, they have heard of the scams, but they remain cautious when shopping online.

“In the past few years, I haven’t heard anything, but be cautious though, because it is the holiday season, and like it’s a joyous occasion towards everyone, --and being with your family and friends, but be on the lookout and be careful,” said Jermey Carothers.

“Always check your transactions, you know, double check your transactions and make sure everything looks according to plan, and you know keep your fingers crossed,” said Lee Jones. The Better Business Bureau allows for people to report scams they may come across or fall victim to on their website using their scam tracker.

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