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A special called meeting of the board of trustees of the Meridian Public-School district was held today and the topic of discussion was if mask will be worn with the return of the school year or not. Matt Davis Meridian public School’s Public Relations director stated.

“ The Board of Trustee for the Meridian Public-School District adopted a policy for universal masking for the upcoming school year. The intent is to add an additional layer of protection for our students and staff as they come back for the upcoming school year to wear a mask.”

Matt Davis informed us on who the policy applies to and when masks are required

“ So basically ,this particular policy goes towards all Meridian Public-School Districts students, staff and teachers to wear a mask while they are indoors and in the presence of others.”

“If they are in the presence of others within that three feet, they need to be wearing a mask”

Davis was asked what made them choose the decision on having universal mask?

“We know that they are case when folks who are vaccinated but he vast majority of our students are not able to be vaccinated. So, we feel like as a school district in order for us to return traditionally this gives us the best options to do that coming into the new school year.”

“the decision was made in discussion with of course the delta variant, with that being prevalent and just the increase in cases in the area.”

Davis provided us with other ways the meridian public-school district plans on keeping its students safe.

“Again, we are going to require that the students remain three feet of social distancing when possible and again as far as tempter checks I believe we will still be doing that as well.”

“So, all of our hallways will have hand sanitizers we are going to be extra cleaning and things like that in between classes, School busses will be cleaned as well to make sure everything is as safe as possible for our students.”

As a preventive measure, all Meridian Public-School District students, teachers, and staff will be required to wear a mask while indoors in the presence of others.Donisha Branham twin states news meridian

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