Unemployment Numbers to be Released
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  • Keaundria Milloy

Unemployment Numbers to be Released

New unemployment numbers of new applicants for unemployment insurance will be released today from the U.S. Department of Labor. Employment Specialist, Marrcellus D. Pittman believes the number will be increased from last week. 

“The Mississippi Employment Security Commission is probably going to be overwhelmed when these numbers come out because there are so many people that are unemployed due to this pandemic.”

Due to unemployment, companies are swamped with people trying to file.

“And right now, our response is at a boiling point because now we’re open seven days a week and sometimes to ten at night. Some of the offices are trying to process these unemployment numbers.”

As of last week, a total of over 26 million have filed for unemployment in the past few weeks.

“Our state office released a news release for us last week and they had called all fifty states; they just had people calling. Only two states actually got to talk to a live person and that was Mississippi and I forgot what other state it was, but it just has proven that this problem we’re having in Mississippi is not just local, it’s all over the nation.”