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United Auto Workers Strike could have heavy impact on Car dealers and customers.

Meridian, MS - As the car industry is still recovering from the shortage of cars during the Covid Pandemic of 2020, auto workers have now joined together in a “Stand Up Strike.”

“They’re striking for higher wages, and reduced work hours, and several more things, benefit packages and all those things, and this strike is having a big effect on the entire country if it continues to go on.” says Bo Hawkins

Bo Hawkins is the Sales Manager at Nelson Hall Chevrolet in Meridian and feels the Strike will have a negative impact on car dealers, and dealerships. “With a reduced work week, if they are to get that, means production goes down and increases the shortage in the ability of dealers to get cars to the lot to sell.”

As for customers, Hawkins says the demand for cars outweighs the supply industry wide, and if the strike causes plants to shut down, the impact will be felt in the community as well. “America greatly depends on the automobile industry, it’s how we get from place to place, it’s a basic need in our society. And so, we don’t need a shutdown in the automobile industry of any kind.”

With the UAW currently on strike, Car dealers say if the strike continues, it will be as another pandemic in the automobile world.

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