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Vaccinations increase as virus surges.

Following the recent surge in COVID cases and the delta variant, more Mississippians are now seeking to get vaccinated.

Mississippi is one of the countries least vaccinated states, but soon that may possibly change. The amount of people getting vaccinated is increasing more and more every day as COVID cases and the delta variant surge in the state.

Tiffany Roulier a Nurse Practitioner here at Greater Meridian Health clinic says they are seeing more walk-ins each day of people seeking to be vaccinated.

“with the numbers rising in the state the COVID/DELTA variant is coming on strong and hitting us pretty hard right now, so a lot of people are finally making the decision to come and get vaccinated.”

The surge in COVID cases and the delta variant here in Mississippi has caused many who have may previously been hesitant to be vaccinated to take action.

“With this new strand, we have a lot of younger people that are being affected and having to go into the hospital. So, it has opened a lot of people's eyes and brought in a lot of the younger population.”

Some still may have questions along the lines of exactly how does the COVID vaccine actually work?

“So, whenever you get vaccinated your body takes a picture of what the vaccine looks like, and then it gives your body instructions on how to fight it the next time it sees it.”

With the CDC announcing that those vaccinated are still at risk of the delta variant, many may wonder about the benefits of being vaccinated.

“So even though you can still get affected your body knows how to fight it off and you won’t be as sick to as if you were not vaccinated.”

I was able to speak with some people as they were leaving to what their thoughts on being vaccinated and to see if they themselves have been vaccinated.

Bobby Marsh says “Yes, I have been vaccinated. I think everyone should because it will help you out. It will be better off for all.”

Paula Nash stated “Yes, I have also been vaccinated. I’d rather be vaccinated and catch the virus and have a chance to live than not be vaccinated and catch the virus and don’t live.”

Being vaccinated and catching COVID is a major difference between catching COVID and not being vaccinated.

Nurse Tiffany stated,in “So, you have a less chance of being in the hospital being on a ventilator and dying from it whereas if you have not been vaccinated you are chances drastically improves in that area.”

Compared to other states Mississippi lags behind with a vaccination rate of about 35% of the population being fully vaccinated. The Greater Meridian Health Clinic is still excepting walk-ins for those interested on getting vaccinated.

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