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Voting Turnout Decline in Mississippi.

Meridian, MS - According to Mississippi’s Secretary of State Michael Watson, the state received a low voter turnout during the last election. “We saw about a 30% turnout, which is the lowest since 2007 in statewide elections, that’s unfortunate and that’s the piece where we continue. All we can do is engage and educate.” said Watson.

As a result of low turnout, Watson and state officials are encouraging more people Mississippi communities; like Meridian Resident Sylvia Yates to get help others get involved in the voting process. “It’s your voice, it’s your opportunity to speak your voice in a way that you probably couldn’t normally have spoken it.” says Yates.

One of the main target audiences encouraged to register to vote is the younger generation. Meridian Community College student Kaleigh Sellers feels talking more about voting will help more people understand the importance. “Go to your parents, go to people you look up to, go to the news, look stuff up, look up the candidates you might be voting for anything like that will help you decide which person to vote for.”

In person voters, and mailed registration applications must be registered, postmarked 30 days before election day to be eligible to vote.

As Mississippi Officials are working to increase the voter turnout here in the state, Meridian Community College Students say that they are encouraging others in the community to register to vote during National Voter Registration Month.

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