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Weather Ruins Watermelon Season

Watermelon farmers in Mississippi are counting their losses. This summer’s wet weather caused them to lose much of their crops.

Farmers and produce shops in Mississippi were recently having trouble with excessive rain amounts that would flood their areas. Here at Mathis Peaches, farmer Randy told us how the weather affected his business.

“Excess rain had a big impact on produce this year. It was all over the southeast; it wasn’t just in Mississippi or our area. A Lot of excess rainfall is not good for watermelon, peaches, peppers, squash, pretty much all vegetables that can soak that up. They just don’t have a shelf life and it makes a big impact on problems", said Mathis Farmer, Randy Mathis.

During the excessive rain, we were told that here at Mathis Peaches they had to throw away hundreds of watermelons.

“We did have a lot of trouble with selling watermelons and tomatoes as well. It was just about time for homegrown tomatoes. We sell Mississippi tomatoes when they're in season and we had a lot of trouble with them holding up as well. Even the peaches that we grow, some of those earlier varieties. When it starts soaking that water up. It makes the skin slip and cracks open ”

Here in Mississippi watermelon season is just about over, ending in September.

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