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  • Keaundria Milloy

West Alabama Works host Virtual Automotive Hiring Fair

West Alabama Works will host their virtual automotive hiring fair this Thursday through Sunday. A number of companies are participating in this event including Mercedes Benz Inc, Bolta U.S.-Brose and Shenelleke Logistics.

Employers will be hiring to fill a variety of positions.

“West Alabama Work works diligently to work with our automotive suppliers-help them find qualified employees,” says executive director Donny Jones. “So with COVID and everything that’s going on with the pandemic, we felt like this was the best way to do it. You can go to and when prompted, put it AUTO20 and that will take you directly into the virtual hiring event.”

Once applicants have answered required questions, employers will contact for interviews.

The virtual hiring event can be accessed via Facebook or, West Alabama Works’ state-of-the-art hiring platform. Use code AUTO20 when completing the application. 

If applicants have any questions, feel free to reach out to West Alabama Works on Facebook or call 205 735-9675.