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Youth Bullying Suicide Prevention held in Meridian.

Meridian, MS - The Month of September is known as Suicide Prevention Month, and Community Health Improvement Network President Beverly Knox wants to inform people about suicide in the younger generation. “We want to make sure our youth understand it’s okay to come to an adult, to make sure that they are letting someone know if they’re in the position where people or other students are bullying them, we want to make sure that we are aware.”

Adrian Jones is Director of the Children and Youth Division at Weems Community Health Center and served as the speaker of the event. “The leading cause of death for children suicide is rising right up there, and unfortunately some kids feel like that’s their only way out of whatever their feeling, and we tend to see the signs afterwards when they say it’s too late.”

While informing others to be aware of the signs in youth, Jones also wants to encourage anyone dealing with signs of suicide. “What I hope for everybody to take away is that there is somebody out there to talk too, and that there’s help wherever you’re at; there’s somebody that can provide some help.”

The Weems children and youth organization say that they want people to understand that it’s okay if you’re not ok, and that there is someone to talk to.

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